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I'm sure we've all encountered one of those chronic complainers who finds it impossible to do something as simple as reading the daily newspaper without correcting the grammar of every other sentence the journalists had so quickly put together. These complainers tend to also be unable to refrain from expressing their despair at the degradation of the English language.

Mistakes happen. Errors go unnoticed--especially when you're publishing on such a short deadline--that's just the way life is. It's one thing to have a few minor mistakes in an article but it's entirely different when you're an unpublished, unknown, trying-to-get-noticed author with a fabulous story hidden behind grammatical faux pas and poor word choices.

Trying to get your masterpiece to the top of the agent's or publisher's pile is crucial to success, and one sure-fire way to minimise your chances is to submit a manuscript which requires a lot of work to reach a publishable standard.

True, publishers have their own in-house editors to turn your submission into a 'real' book, but they need be able to recognise the potential in your work before they'll accept it in the first place. This is where an independent or freelance editor can make all the difference.

I am in love with words and spent my formative years reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. I couldn't even sit down to eat my breakfast cereal without obsessively reading the information on the back of the cornflakes packet over and over again. I established my business over two years ago to create the freedom and the opportunity to immerse myself in the literary world... and I haven't looked back.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive edit of your manuscript or simply a second set of eyes to proof your work, contact me today to discuss your options. I look forward to reading you soon!
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